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Woodlands Premier Landscaping, Hardscaping & Pools

Since 1999 Anthony Hodges has been beautifying The Woodlands, Texas with high-end quality, integrity and artistry. Woodlands Premier truly takes an idea and molds it into art. A family-run team, Woodlands Premier is steeped in heritage and history. It's always been tradition to "create", not just "install" an idea. We take a vision and develop it with creativity in mind and perfection as the end result. This is evident with just one look around - one tour - of the work we do.

Woodlands Premier is a full service, completely dedicated-to-project team; meaning when we start a project we take it to completion and dedicate the time to your needs and property. We don't juggle projects - we take each on individually and pay attention to the greatest of detail, leaving you completely satisfied and with a sense of pride and showmanship.

Using only high-end products and service technique, Woodlands Premier treats your property as a canvas - thinking ahead to not only please the eye for the immediate need, but for 20 years in the future. Our number one goal is short-term satisfaction and long-term love. Through our expertise in art, true craftsmanship in design and genuine love for what we do, Woodlands Premier will transform your idea into an amazing work of art. We offer custom landscape design, hardscape design-including travertine, cantera, flagstone and stamp concrete. Woodlands Premier also offers custom pool design including irrigation, drainage, lighting and custom fountains. In-house crews execute all installation. We love placing pottery, water features and other specialized elements through out the landscape to enhance the experience of being in an outdoor space we’ve designed.

Woodlands Premier offers a customized detailed estate maintenance service for all designs they’ve installed. Maintenance service is scheduled on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis.