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Woodlands Premier Painting Services

Woodlands Premier Painting Services is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

For residents, building and business owners in need of exceptional and premier painting in The Woodlands and the surrounding areas, look no further than Woodlands Premier Painting, the area’s leading painting contractor.

Woodlands Premier Painting Services include, but are not limited to:

○ Interior Residential Painting

○ Exterior Residential Painting

○ Commercial Painting

○ Parking Lot Striping

○ Pressure Washing

○ Surface and Wood Restoration

Premier Commercial Painting

Our painting service division offers full-service interior and exterior painting for commercial buildings. We are skilled at applying all types of wall coverings. There is a lot more to commercial interior painting than just brushing, rolling or spraying a coating on a substrate. Preparation for painting, particularly on rehabilitation jobs, can be very involved and require elaborate equipment and technical expertise. In commercial painting and repaints there is usually production and office equipment and furniture to protect. There is a need for project coordination to assure the smooth, non-disruptive flow of the work. 

Our pros apply coatings to ceilings and walls with attention to detail and care for the surrounding elements of the room. They apply acrylic ceiling and wall textures as well as latex paints.

Woodlands Premier is a one-stop source of all commercial interior painting projects, large or small. Our successfully completed projects list includes hospitals, physicians offices, free standing surgical centers, operating suites, office complexes, retail shopping centers, automotive showrooms, warehouses, high-rise apartment buildings and a host of others.

Commercial interior painting often calls for specialized coatings because of environmental and high traffic concerns. The right equipment and expertise are required for the proper application of highly technical coatings. Unlike some of the other painting companies in the area, these production elements are readily available at Woodlands Premier.

The highly experienced staff of project coordinators and applicators is familiar with all equipment and coating materials thereby giving owners "peace of mind" and assuring the best possible experience for every commercial painting project. 

The estimating and project coordination experts at Woodlands Premier Painting are available to assist in every step of a commercial interior painting project.

We work with owners on budgeting, with general contractors on the critical flow chart for the coatings part of their contracts and with designers on materials and color selections.

We take pride in our work and do everything humanly possible to assure a successful completion of the job.

When a project is done right the first time, the proper material is used by highly qualified applicators and the job is done with a minimum of disruption to an active business, it is well worth the money spent. It really costs no more to get the very best. 

Premier Residential Painting

Most homeowners think that residential interior painting is an easy job and they could just as easily do the job themselves instead of hiring a professional painter. It looks so easy to roll paint onto a smooth surface. Rolling and brushing on coatings are the easy part. What most homeowners don’t see is the preparation that is required; the selection of the proper primers and finish coats, the coordination of the colors, the preparation of the surfaces to be coated, the tools needed to complete the project . . . and the knowledge of how to do it in the best way, one that leaves a great looking surface for years.

Woodlands Premier Painting is the area painter to go to for the best in professional residential interior and exterior painting. Our highly experienced crews have successfully completed interior and exterior painting projects throughout the Houston Metropolitan areas. We regularly provide painting services to homeowners in The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Conroe, Montgomery, Huntsville, Magnolia, Tomball, Spring, Humble, Atascocita and Kingwood areas.

We are available to assist with color and material selection, as well as budgeting for your projects. We will work with your designers and architects to make sure your project results are the best possible and that you are pleased with your selection of Woodlands Premier Painting. 

Woodlands Premier exterior painting uses the highest-quality materials from top manufacturers. We are sensitive to your physical environment. We consult with you beforehand about whether and where we can stage tools. In certain cases, Woodlands Premier will use burlap to ensure paint chips don’t cover the ground—yet, water can still flow through. Woodlands Premier's exterior painting can handle difficult-to-reach areas. For example, if your home is more than two-stories high, it may require special equipment.

Woodlands Premier is equipped to perform all manner of exterior painting projects. In preparation for exterior painting, Woodlands Premier pressure washes your home and cleans all vinyl and aluminum siding as necessary. Did you know you can paint old aluminum siding? This is a much less expensive option than replacement. Woodlands Premier Painting provides deck cleaning and deck and siding staining. We also handle minor carpentry repairs. If you live in and around North Houston Suburbs, we're ready to help you with your exterior painting needs. 

Even vinyl siding may be painted to change the color and add to the beauty of a house. Log homes should be sanded and sealed every five years for long life. Choosing the right coatings for these applications is important and may be the difference between a paint job that lasts for a handful of years, to one that lasts for a decade or more.

Woodlands Premier employs professional painters who've been with us for years. We have an exceptionally low attrition rate—due to our commitment to continuing education.

Finally, as a Woodlands Premier client, you will have daily communication with the office to express concerns or ask questions.

We encourage you to ask others in the area about the quality work we do. We take pride in our work; and it shows!

The majority of our interior painting projects are occupied homes. Woodlands Premier Painting has developed communication systems to ensure a smooth-functioning process. Our project manager will insure that there is minimal disruption to your household while the project is underway. Woodlands Premier Painting may not have invented paints and painting, but we have carried it to the highest possible level. We have raised the bar on quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness.

Before we arrive, Woodlands Premiere will send you a “what-to-expect” letter. This letter covers considerations such as pets, alarm systems, and access. Itreminds interior painting clients to move fragile items, and includes key considerations such as which bathroom painters should use. 

There are many different exterior substrates in residential buildings; concrete, block, brick, siding of a variety of materials and logs. Each of these requires different types of coating materials for protection, preservation and beauty. The expertise in selecting and applying these paints, stains, sealers and coatings should be left in the hands of a professional, not the kid who is clerking in the DIY center paint department. Experienced applicators know what materials are best and how to apply them because that is what they do every day. Masonry surfaces; concrete, block, stucco and brick require a product that will not only coat and seal the surface, but will expand and contract with that surface as well. Elastomeric coatings will handle this expansion-contraction without cracking and compromising the protection. Different types of siding require different preparation and materials. Aluminum siding can be cleaned of chalking, pressure-washed, primed and re-coated producing many more years of life. Wood siding should be scraped, sanded, primed and painted. It too, will last many years when properly cared for. 

What to Expect

The following information should answer some of the questions you may have about the painting of your home and help make your project go smoothly. Please take time to read this information.


Woodlands Premier Painting offers a color consultation for all of our customers. If we are matching the existing color, we will match the color on the first day of the job. We will need you to be available to okay the color selection. If you would like to choose the color your self we can provide you with the paint manufactures color samples. Be aware that manufacturers color samples can be inconsistent and may vary somewhat due to age. Be certain to view color samples in the same light as that in which the paint will be applied. If you would like, we can get you a paint sample and apply some test patches on your home. The charge for this is $50 per hour plus materials.


The first day of the job you will meet the foreman. The foreman is the most experienced painter on the crew. Please be sure to direct any questions during the job directly to the foreman, not the other painters.


Although new paint dries to the touch with in a few hours, it does not fully cure for about two weeks. To avoid stuck windows please operate your windows every day or so for about two weeks.


Doors should be left open as long as possible to allow them to dry. Oil based paint cures at a slower rate than Acrylic therefore it is important that oil based painted doors remain open for at least 8 hours.


No oil paints can be applied on damp surfaces. No acrylic primers can be applied on damp surfaces. If weather prevents us from working on your home we will return on the next suitable day. Certain things can be done in wet or damp weather with no ill effects. Many times we may want to wash a house or begin preparation of the surfaces on damp days. On occasion, we may call ahead to see if we can wash your home ahead of schedule. This will help keep the schedule on track.


If we are painting the exterior of your home we may power wash prior to painting. This may take place a day or two prior to your scheduled start date.


All houses built before 1978 have the risk of containing lead paint. Woodlands Premier Painting takes pride in caring for you and your loved ones as if you were part of our very own family. For this reason, Woodlands Premier Painting will only use technicians who are EPA / HUD certified in lead safe work practices and lead abatement for the removal of potentially hazardous paint. In addition, Woodlands Premier Painting can not in good faith test your home for lead. If you would like to have your home tested and need assistance locating a certified test facility we can help you locate one.


Woodlands Premier Painting can handle most wood replacement projects. Please be aware that as we remove rotting or damaged wood it may be discovered that more extensive damage has been done. In these cases we will not replace any wood until you have been informed of what we have found and additional costs approved. Please make sure you are available on the day we are doing wood replacement to avoid unexpected delays.

Premier Preparation for Paint


We have several levels of preparation available to give the desired finished look. Please ask our staff if you are uncertain which level to choose. Unless noted otherwise, your proposal will include preparation level 1.


Set up will include laying down drop clothes or plastic to catch paint chips and paint drips. Please be aware that on older houses or house with peeling paint the drop cloths will catch most chips but not all. We will make every effort to clean up paint chips.

  • This includes washing of all surfaces to be painted. This is will remove all dirt and mildew so the finish coats applied will adhere to the surfaces.
  • Caulking around all trim, windows, doors etc. This includes filling in where existing caulk is missing or cracked (not hairline cracks). Existing, loose caulk will be removed. This does not include removal of existing caulk that is stable; unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • Glazing (also called wood putty; where wood meets glass) on all needy window panes. If the glazing is loose or falling out, service will include replacing missing or damaged glaze but will not include removal of old putty. Hairline cracks will not be filled.
  • Scrape all loose and peeling paint. Light sanding of peeling areas will be performed after scraping.
  • Prime all bare wood.


Includes all aspects of level 1 plus

More thorough sanding of rough edges; we will use a combination of hand sanding and power sanders. This will not leave the surfaces completely smooth, but makes the edges much less apparent between areas where paint has peeled and where it has not. Areas of high profile or areas at eye level will receive much more attention. Higher areas and areas not visible will receive less attention since it will not be noticeable from the ground.


Includes all aspects of level 1 plus Level 3 takes the preparation of level 2 beyond with out going as far as paint removal.

  • Heavy and light sanding to rough edges; edges where paint has peeled will be aggressively sanded to make the surfaces much smoother.
  • Filling of hairline cracks in glazing work; this will make the glazing work much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Remove and replace rough caulk. This will make the edges of the trim much cleaner.
  • Remove old paint from window glass. Note: we will not be cleaning all the glass. We are happy to refer you to a company that specializes in window cleaning.


Full paint removal; This is an extremely expensive process and only recommended in high visibility areas or areas where existing coatings are completely failing. This type of preparation is most often requested to old and expensive front doors, garage doors, door frames, and window sills.

  • Total removal of paint to bare wood; depending on the age of the home this is usually done using chemicals. We only use environmentally friendly products for this process.
  • Sand all surfaces until smooth.
  • All holes and cracks will be filled with wood filler.
  • All old caulk will be replaced. Existing caulk will be removed and new caulk will be installed.
  • Full coat of primer on all surfaces
  • Light sanding between primer and finish coat.