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Premier Parking Lots

The first thing a customer sees when entering your property is the parking lot. A well maintained and clearly marked parking lot gives a great first impression. Clearly marked parking stalls and brightly painted arrows and walkways make for a safer parking lot and keep the flow of traffic smooth, and clear of congestion.

After your parking lot or garage has been cleaned, you often discover that old parking stall lines and directional markings have begun to fade and are not visible. In addition to decreasing the overall appearance, this creates a potentially confusing and unsafe environment for your customers or residents.Whether your needs are for a complete or partial re-stripe, a new lay-out, or just the addition of pavement legends, we proudly offer professional and affordable parking lot striping services. We also can provide curb and island painting, parking post and sign installation, speed bump and parking block installation and sand blasting or concrete grinding services for striping removal.

The safety of both vehicles and pedestrians relies heavily on the organization of your parking facility. Whether your project is a large downtown public garage or a small suburban retail shopping center, Woodlands Premier Painting Services is capable of handling your needs and helping you to create a well maintained parking facility.Depending on your parking garage’s striping needs, we will work with you to define a scope of work that is reasonable and fits within your project’s budget. We welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your property’s needs.

Line Striping

  • New Parking Lot Layout - We will layout new markings as per customer blueprints. New layouts will cost more due to the time and labor involved.
  • Parking Lot Re-striping - Re-striping your parking lot is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to improve the overall look of your parking lot. Re-striping involves painting over existing lines that have faded over time.
  • Single and Double Line Striping - Single lines are less expense and consist of one line separating each stall. Double line consists of two lines separating each stall with a boxed off end. Double lines provide a visible buffer for entering and exiting vehicles. The choice is ultimately up to the property owner.
  • Rounded Tops of Stalls - Double line stalls are usually boxed at the end. To add a classy feel to your parking lot we offer half round connectors at the top of your double line stalls. They do cost more, but you will love the way they look. 

Stencils and Markings

  • Traffic Arrows: Traffic arrows are key to a smooth flowing parking lot. We offer straight and curved arrows.
  • Standard STOP and NO PARKING: We offer numerous standard stencils to fit your needs.
  • Handicap: It's important that your parking lot is up to date with the latest ADA Design Guidelines. We can help you make sure your parking lot is equipped with the right number of handicap stalls for your lot and that they are clearly marked and accessible.
  • Custom Stencils: Looking to do something different with your parking lot? We can create custom stencils at the customer’s request or do custom line work. 

Curb Painting

Curb painting and stenciling can improve the safety of your parking lot. It helps the driver during the day and especially at night to stay in the lanes, provides emergency vehicle access to the building, and serves as a warning for pedestrians step watch their step when approaching the building.

Line Removal

Sand Blasting is available upon request. When we re-stripe a parking lot and it requires moving lines or changing a part of the layout, we offer sand blasting to remove the old lines so that all you see are brand new lines.